Transformational Bodywork

This body treatment can do more than provide a temporary relief from physical tension. It communicates with deeper energetic layers, stimulates and releases emotional and physical blockages and grants you access to your own source of wisdom. 

It's a playful sequence of alternating energetic techniques, of yang - dominated work with the deep tissue  and recreative wavy yin movements.

80% of the human body is fluid, in constant motion and the spine as well as all organs float in a kind of water bed. The 'Fluid Touch' technique is a dynamic interaction between speed and pressure, stretching and release. It stimulates the body's fluidity and allows vibrations to spread throughout the body. 

Fluid Touch naturally relaxes, rejuvenates and refreshes.

The breathing deepens, while 


the flow of oxygen to every cell increases, which leads to an overall state of well-being and healing. Fluid Touch goes back to the Osho Meditation and was developed independently by Tapesh Paradiso.

Most people believe that muscles and bones hold our bodies together, when it really is the fascia. Fascia is a three-dimensional web of highly connected tissue that permeates every corner of our body. This tissue surrounds and runs through every muscle, every bone, nerve, vein, organ, right down to the cellular level. Conditions, such as hardening, shortening, etc. of the fascia, are relatively common and can be caused by trauma, bad posture, inflammation, surgery and physical stress. This has a detrimental effect on range of motion and alters the natural alignment of the body.

The areas affected exert pressures of up to two thousand pounds per square inch. In a nutshell, they can put a tremendous strain on the natural balance of our entire body.