Human Design

Discover your Energetic Blueprint

Human Design is a system based on ancient wisdom from Western Astrology, the Hindu Chakra system, The Chinese I-Ching, Kabbalah and Quantum Physics. 

Your individual chart portrays your unique energetic blueprint and helps you to understand yourself and your response to the world, you find yourself living in. 

Have you ever asked yourself, why you feel tired all the time, while others seem to never run empty on power? It might be that you have got an open SACRAL, or if defined, it's likely that you exploit yourself with work you don't enjoy doing. 

Have you ever wondered, why you feel bitter, when the energy or the insights you offered voluntarily don't meet recognition? Do you feel frustrated, when your reliable nature seems to be taken for granted? Do you find yourself being overwhelmed in a room full of intense emotions or do you wonder sometimes, whether you're sad yourself or crying somebody else's tears? Chances are, you got your Solar Plexus (emotion) undefined/ open.

You might see yourself changing your opinion about yourself, or feeling allowed to express certain aspects of yourself, if you entered this wold with defined 'self', but undefined Crown and Ajna.

You might have an unhealthy relationship with deadlines and are arriving either too late or way too early for  an appointment and still feel stressed out, while others come right on time, with no sense of rush whatsoever. There are external reasons to drop in late, but those with an undefined root might leave the suitcase unpacked as long as possible, only to be guaranteed some adrenaline on the way to catch the flight. 

Some make decisions in a state of highly charged emotions, which ultimately result in regret. When aware of emotional authority, you would learn to let your emotional wave pass and only make a decision, when found clarity. 

Human design has helped me tremendously to understand, where I was keeping myself from self- expression, because I was judging myself with conditioned opinions. I recognized an unhealthy decision making process that made me quite unreliable and I could see, where I was exploiting my energy with a wrong lifestyle. Thanks to human design I know, that I don't have the motor to keep on  running all day long. I need time for myself to detach from borrowed energies and naps to recharge. Only then I can enjoy life and be of support to and an inspirations for others. 

It's been a fascinating journey and I would feel honoured to accompany you on yours.

Wiebke xxx

All Hands In


Be it relationships to your partner(s), lover(s), friends, family members or colleagues, by understanding and living by your design, you will experience an energetic shift in each connection. Becoming yourself, means that the world around you changes also. Where you might have attracted people and/ or circumstances that didn't feel quite right, because you were radiating an energy that wasn't in alignment with yourself, you would start experiencing a world that celebrates you, once you learned, how to be.

On another note: your chart includes gates and channels. While an active channel basically tells you, what your superpower is, a gate is an incomplete channel that longs to connect with the opposite gate, in order to live its potential. Imagine two people having tools that don't provide any meaning without the other. But together, they could run a great project.

One could be a fountain of great ideas, but doesn't have a sense for economics. He would need the another human being, who can provide the necessary cash, in order to turn the idea into reality. Chances are, the one with the cash was always looking to be part of a great project, but wasn't designed to come up with original and promising ideas. No energy is worth more or less than the other. And together, our designs can help to serve a greater purpose. That's the beauty of human design. And FUN it is too. 

Finding Purpose


Image by Catalin Pop
Image by Yoann Boyer