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Let food awaken your superpower

Nutrition has always been a topic, I was interested in. Unfortunately, however, I was glued to the most popular diet trends, the ones that tell you, what you should and shouldn't eat, in order to shade weight, in order to look good in the eyes of most common believes. Not only was I failing, due to a naturally hostile reaction towards rules and restrictions. More importantly I started seeing food as an enemy and eating a matter of control, rather than joy.  Food was no longer linked to its natural purpose to nourish and strengthen the body, but to an obsession, triggered by unfortunate priorities and a great lack of self-respect.

Over time and by paying attention to my believes as opposed to my personal needs, my instinct and natural craving, I learned to question trends and listen to independent voices. I experienced, how plant based - ideally raw- food, recharged me with energy, minerals and basically anything I could possibly need, without needing to fear a gluten coma, any kind of digestion issues, lack of concentration, rash, hormonal imbalance or any other reactions, I previously linked to food. I learned that a healthy gut is linked to mental well- being and allows a better, uninterrupted connection to oneself.

Feeling awake,  I love nothing more than to stay that way. However, being a gemini at heart, I celebrate and respect my polar being in many ways, and don't see myself saying NO to a greek salad with feta or an original pizza margarita. But instead of punishing me for this choice, I enjoy those treats occasionally and thank my body a day later, by enjoying a celery juice or whatever else comes up in the abundance of plant based options. 

My intention is to empower you in your being, rather than in your ego. I'm looking forward to help you find and create a lifestyle, you would enjoy living and are ready to prioritise. 

Let food awaken your superpower !


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Emotional Eating

... or the soul that doesn't know how to ask for comfort

Emotional eating. It’s a topic that leaves hardly anyone untouched. For some it’s only the occasional craving for naughty treats, which help stimulate and soothe our overstrained nervous system. For others however, emotional eating is the desperate longing for comfort, love and attention. In that case, food is rarely enjoyed. It’s seen as the enemy, the ultimate judge, who spots your weakness, your lack of discipline, your lack of strength and most importantly your lack of attractiveness and ability to live a life worth living.

I experienced bulimia in a time, when the life I chose, asked me to be pretty, convincing, sparkling and resilient; perfect! - while my heart and soul craved comfort and safety, craved for someone to see me, love me, understand me and take me out of this world - just for a moment, long enough to drop my shoulders, to lift the mask and take off the heavy armour. It took two years, endless self- reflection and an uncountable amount of wine, vodka, cigarettes and out of this world outbursts of fury and discussions with my hopeless self. The biggest shift however took place, when I realized that my vulnerability turned out to be one of the most precious things about me. I joined stress management courses, studied and practiced various different massage techniques, enjoyed guiding meditations and fell more and more consciously in love with the humane incompleteness. 

Healing starts with awareness and blossoms, when one is ready to let go of a self that was never yours to be and ready to open the heart for the YOU, who’s overdue right to live has nothing to prove, but a whole lot to enjoy.


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“Let food be thy medicine and let thy medicine be food”

- Hippocrates

"Our modern civilisation has gone astray in worrying ways and our food and our environment are chemically contaminated to a highly alarming extent. What ends up on the average person's plate is not only soaked with pesticides, preservatives and many other synthetic chemicals. All processed and cooked foods also lack enzymes and therefore vitality. None of us is truly “pollution-free”. By giving up their natural eating habits in favour of synthetic foods (processed foods, fast food), people in the industrialised nations have embarked on a large-scale chemical experiment in which every single citizen plays the role of a guinea pig. In doing so, we are all subject to the influence of interest groups (food producers, pharmaceutical industry and medical associations), which mainly have their own economic well-being in mind. The goal of the Hippocrates health program is a combination of methods, all aimed at the goal of natural life forces and to strengthen the immune system and self-healing potential. We find these life forces in us, but also within nature: in forms of earth vibrations (negative electrons), sunlight and plant- based food. Today more than ever we have to be willing to take personal responsibility for our health by paying attention to the signals of our body, by questioning our beliefs, by eating healthier foods and practicing a natural lifestyle." © deineErnährung

For a deeper understanding of the eight essential principles of the "Hippocrates Lifestyle", click the button below:


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“The natural healing force in each one of us is the greatest force in getting well”


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