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Sensual Chakra Retreat

October 10- 15

Hey dear sisters and brothers,

are you looking for a chance to WITHDRAW FROM THE DRAINING VERSION of your reality?

Do you want to reconnect, recharge and FIND STRENGTH and JOY in your very own distinct uniqueness?

Join me and other like-minded spirits at this ´heaven on earth´- like place in Andalusia, called CORTIJO SAN JOSE.

The core theme of this retreat is: ´FINE-TUNING´ YOUR SENSES

Imagine this: During this 6- day journey, you will be guided to your very own, intrinsic wisdom. By re- connecting to your body, you will naturally reprogram your conditioned mind, in a way that you feel supported in ENJOYING, being YOURSELF. 

You will be encouraged to express the power, the rage, the irritation and the fear within you, to create space for nourishment, pleasure, trust and sensuality.    

To support you in your liberating, softening and RE-connecting process, you will be offered:

🦢 2 bodywork treatments

🦢silent, guided and dynamic meditations

🦢yoga & walks to and rituals at the NEARBY RIVER

🦢workshops on boundaries and expressing needs and desires   

🦢held space for the wisdom of emotions, in whatever shape or form they reveal themselves  (we will scream, cry, laugh, dance, cuddle, touch, hold and surrender, give and receive, express and reflect)

FUN EXTRA: 💃🏽💃💃🏾

a flamenco class, given by the gorgeous 

Rocío Sens

I’m looking forward to experience seeing you unfolding.

If you feel called,

fill out the attached form or send me a mail and I'll make sure to get back to you asap.  


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Cortijo San Jose

Andalusia, Spain

Retreats/ Workshops: Welcome

About Me

..and about what it is that drives me, to offer this experience with you


For the biggest part of my present life, I was escaping from my past, chasing illusions and feeling lost and homeless. 

I learned early in life that pleasing would keep the people I loved around, while listening to and expressing my own needs (which included boundaries) would upset people and give them reason to judge me for being selfish. 

The result was a severe disconnection from my own wisdom, which caused me to feel lost without direction, depressed and exhausted. I was doubting my decisions, was seeking validation on the outside and felt, I was never enough. 

Following a subtle knowing that I needed to join a specific bodywork training (alchemy of touch ), I came in touch with a vibration, I felt at home with.

I became passionate about following my cycle, studied human design and found my heart and soul longing to engage with everything that concerned conscious intimacy, honouring and expressing desires and boundaries, integrating the healthy masculine and feminine

Being surrounded be people, who are able to hold space for you, respect you in your growing process, no matter where you're at, on your individual journey, is crucial, when you want to be able to turn inwards, understand and honour who you are and try learning to fly with your own wings. 

I got inspired to CONNECT, to myself and in that, to the world around me and found myself driven to inspire others to seek and enjoy the same. 

However only, when we feel safe enough to surrender to ourselves and manage to align our mindset to what's moving our hearts and driving our souls, we can experience that life is there FOR us, to indulge and blossom in; 

...and what would be a more delicious way of engaging with the world than through our body and the senses, we are blessed with, to experience this life with?!

I'm sooooo excited to start this journey with you !

How about you?

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Daily Structure

chakra -based morning ritual with cacao ceremony

8 - 10 am

every morning, you are invited to join me for a silent, meditative walk to the nearby river, where we'll stop for a tai chi practise, to open our hearts and souls to the spirit of Mother Earth.

We'll connect to our inner wisdom with a cacao ceremony and welcome the day with mantras, dance and chakra- based exercises.

Light breakfast

10 - 11 am

pleasurable nourishment

Yoga/ bodywork

11am - 1pm

Two people will be given a bodywork treatment of 50 minutes each, while everyone else is offered a chakra - based yoga session


1- 2pm

pleasure pleasure pleasure

Bodywork, yoga & whatever else you fancy

2.30 - 7.30pm

the afternoon provides bodywork and yoga. You can take a dip in the pool, bathe in the sun on the blow- up flamingo, contemplate on a stroll between olive trees, meditate, read, journal, play with the cat, watch the birds, take Oli for a walk, stimulate your competitive spirit with ping pongtable football, darts or at the pool table or enlighten the air with tunes from the piano

The world is here for you to enjoy. 


7.30 - 8.30pm

Love, love, love and life and delicious inspiration

Chakra based- gathering

9 - 10.30pm

Every evening we will come together to share and reflect, listen, respect and hold space for each other. 

On the second last evening we will have the privilege to be given a flamenco class by the gorgeous Rocio Sens- exciting!!!!!!!!!

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Arrival and departure

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Tuesday, October 10

I suggest flying to Malaga airport, from where I offer you to be picked up by an organised bus at around 3.30 pm, which will take you directly to the Cortijo, where we'll meet at 5pm ( please note that doors open no earlier than 5pm).

Transfers to the Cortijo are not included in the price and are generally around 40€ - depending on how many people are joining the ride.

Individual transfers are about 150€ or shared in small taxi for up to four people. 

Getting together and settling in

Tuesday, October 10, 5pm

I will welcome you at 5pm at the Cortijo, 

where Celi (Queen of that heavenly place) will take you to your room. 

You will then have time to settle in, have a shower, take a nap, explore your home, before we'll meet at 6.30pm for a cacao ceremony, to guide you softly away from the noise and welcome you to your journey.  

Right after, we will enjoy our first divine food experience together and meet again at 9.30pm for a sharing circle, intention- setting and a meditation. 


Sunday, October 15, 10.45am

On the last day of our shared journey, we will have our gathering and sharing at the lake before breakfast. 

To make sure, we leave the place as scheduled, I'm kindly asking you to pack well in advance, so you're ready to check out, without any rush, after breakfast.

single, double , room full of spirits ..
what's your jam?

The listed prices cover the following:

* the sensual chakra program

* accommodation 

* 3 meals plus tea and coffee

* Wifi well as the use of the Cortijo facilities:​​

* Chill out barn with bamboo beds

* Chill out room

* Large terrace with comfy sofas

* Hammocks

* Courtyard seating area

* Yoga/pilates equipment

* Sunken garden with a pergola

* Secret garden


Early birdies
(valid till the end of July)

early birdies can fly in for 

shared rooms

Shared rooms hold space for 2- 4 people

1075€ pp

for 3 or 4 sharing

1125€ pp

if requested for 2 only sharing



There are two private rooms with separate entrances, which share one bathroom. 

1200€ pp

Retreats/ Workshops: Services

Thanks for submitting!

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